Ahmedabad autocross 2021

May 18, 2019

2nd May - event date

Upcoming events

open to everyone at any level

Event Date: 2nd May

Scrutiny & Documentation: 1st May 

Venue: TBA

Start Time: 0900 Hours



Vehicle : Any make and model

Driver: Anyone with a valid Driving License

Entry Fees: Rs 3000/-



1. What is an Autocross event?

Autocross events are low to medium speed auto racing events; they are often run on parking lots and airport runways. Generally a course will be defined using traffic cones, or pylons, testing their skill against the clock. Time penalties are charged for disturbing cones. Generally, each driver takes multiple runs at an event. A driver is awarded the best time taken.

2. Why autocross?

Autocross is an inexpensive, safe way to experience entry level motorsports. It helps you discover your cars capabilities and limitations, making you a better, safer driver on the road. But probably the greatest thrill of autocross is the challenge of beating your own time. Its fun!

3. What is a tech inspection?

A mandatory pre-race safety inspection of your car.

4. What can I expect at a tech inspection?

Cars are checked for safety at each event before your first run. Generally, this task is undertaken by a Scrutineer and the inspection is friendly. Your car must have a working seat belt, tires with measurable tread depth, working brakes, a securely fastened battery, tight lug nuts, well-packed bearings, no excessive play in your suspension, and an interior free of loose articles.

5. How should I prepare my car for a race?

Your car should be well maintained at the very least. Keep up with oil/fluid changes, brake inspections, valve adjustments, etc. Check your fluid levels. Clean out your car. Remove everything that you won’t need, and take out everything you brought with you before you race. As part of the tech inspection, officials will make sure there won’t be anything flying around your cabin while you’re on the course.

Organizing Committee:

Abbas Taskeen : 8919876119

Aliasgar H : 98409 69789

Bhagwant Singh : 9676643396

6. Who will I be competing against?

Your car will be grouped in a class of comparably equipped cars to make for relatively fair competition. If you are a novice, some events will report handicapped times so you can see how you fared against other novices no matter what they drove.

7. What kind of helmet do I need?

Any helmet with an ISI sticker. The helmet can be full face, open face, or open with a chin guard.

8. What do I need to bring?

If your car is stock, and you intend to race it on your street tires, all you really need is your car, a helmet, and your entry fee.

9. What kind of car do I need?

Almost any car will do, as long as it passes the tech inspection. . People autocross everything from modified Maruti 800 to stock Toyota corollas and Innova.

10. Do I need an FMSCI license?

For autocross events, an FMSCI competition license is necessary. Getting the same is not difficult as the club will assist you in obtaining the same.

11. Can I watch for free? Can I bring a friend?

Autocrosses do not typically charge for spectators. Take your friends and family along as well as it is great fun to watch. You may be asked to to be seated in a special earmarked enclosure for safety reasons.

12. How do I join in the fun?

It costs almost nothing to start autocrossing, and since other cars are not on the course with you, there is almost no risk of damage to your car. To get started, just register for the event.